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Rizwan Ali Baig

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  • Ph.D (B&F) – USA, Ph.D (Mgt), M.Phil (Mgt), MBA (Fin), OCM, CAIIB, PGDFM, PGDIM, B.Sc (Ag), MIMA

Hey! I'am Rizwan Ali Baig


We live in a competitive era where business enterprises are striving to be their best. It is therefore critical for organizations to hire the best of management professionals to drive their growth.

International Institute of Business Study (IIBS), keeping in pace with industry needs has designed business education frameworks, which are capable of developing efficient individuals who can unquestionably keep up with the current workforce demands. It is delightful to witness the emergence of International Institute of Business Study (IIBS) as one of the top MBA colleges in the country.

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