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One of the main aspirations of a PGDM student is to become a well-to-do professional in the corporate world. IIBS has acknowledged September as Management Orientation Month (MOM) and the main focus of this initiation is to make student reach their goal. The corporate world expects every professional to possess certain qualities to fulfill the tasks allocated to them by their employer. This program helps them achieve perfection in the execution of their plans which in turn ensures the success of the individual in the organization. The main aim of this initiative is to bring people from different platforms to the vital discipline of management. This will bring them to the path of acquiring knowledge, tuning their skills, and having an attitude to reach their goals.

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Journey to Success MOM Program Review By Nilothpal Bid at IIBS campus Bangalore

IIBS MOM Program Review By Nilothpal Bid


To bring all the students from different disciplines and skill sets to one basic management platform, from there they will be in a position to move on to a path of enrichment of knowledge, acquisition of skills and fine tenement of attitude that takes them to their destinations.

  1. To be familiar with growth in a prosperous environment.
  1. To mold them to get the basic knowledge to take up the PGDM programs in full swing
  1. To provide an opportunity and to identify themselves among others
  1. To enhance their confidence to communicate with others
  1. To share their inhibitions in a congenial environment
  1. To identify and explore the capabilities by utilizing their potentials.
  1. To be aware of their areas of improvement when compared to the expected levels of the corporate world.
  1. To bridge the gap through a finalized and focused path of success for their achievement.
  1. To develop human relationships with group dynamism.
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