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As a part of the university program and an exposure to the industry and corporate world students at IIBS visit to industry once a semester or trimester. IIBS is known for its practical approach to the learning and development of students. Industrial Visit focuses on preparing the students to learn about the day-to-day workings of a particular industry and understand its operational issues. The visit also helps the students to keep updated regarding the current management practices followed by the organizations and acquire traits that the industry demands from them. Following is the list of industries/companies/organizations/Government bodies visited by the students of IIBS (PGDM Program).

Industrial Visit

IIBS Bangalore | IFAB Industrial Visit | MBA Batch 2023-25

IFAB Industrial Visit MBA Batch 2023-25


Our objective is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of industrial operations, processes, and technologies. Through this visit, participants will gain valuable insights into real-world applications of theoretical knowledge and have the opportunity to interact with industry experts.

  1. Educational Insight
  1. Understanding Industrial Processes
  1. Technology and Innovation Showcase
  1. Interaction with Industry Experts
  1. Safety and Compliance Awareness
  1. Environmental Impact and Sustainability
  1. Inspiration and Motivation
  1. Career and Professional Development
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