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Mike Hardson

I am Ranjan Panigrahy, an alumnus of IIBS, Bangalore, batch 2015. At present, I am working as a Business Development Manager with Alten India Private Limited Company.

Ranjan Panigrahi

Business Development Manager, Alten India
Mike Hardson

I Sarath Kumar Reddy, an alumnus of IIBS Bangalore, batch 2016. I am working as a Marketing Manager Cum Co-Founder of Dhrona Academy

Sarath Kumar Reddy

Marketing Manager and co-founder of Drona Academy
Mike Hardson

It was a nice experience with IIBS. There were good Professors.

Vikas Yadav

Assistant General Manager
Mike Hardson

I am an alumnus of the 2010 batch with an HR specialization.

Lalitha Kashyap

Senior Human Resources Manager, Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH
Mike Hardson

I am an alumnus of the 2014 batch PGDM from IIBS. I learned a lot in college during my PGDM and the academics were very good

Sunny Valvapurapu

Counsellor, IDP Education Ltd.
Mike Hardson

I am the first batch of PGDM from IIBS in 2008 and I am proud of it. Now I am the Project Manager at Sumna because of what I learned from my teachers and trainers in the college.

Binayak Swain

Project Manager at Summa Linguae Technologies APAC
Mike Hardson

As an IIBS alumni, I am proud of what I am today.

Tahmeena Riyaz

HR Administrator, Greater Melbourne Area, Australia
Mike Hardson

I am the 2014 batch alumni of PGDM from IIBS. While in college, I was quite interested in HR so I focussed on that. My teachers have helped me a lot in that field.

Babymoni Changmai

Recruiter, Talent Search at IQVIA
Mike Hardson

IIBS is my temple of knowledge which prepared me for my entrepreneurial career.

Kunal Abhishek

Funder and CEO, Bayswood Properties Pvt., Ltd.
Mike Hardson

I am an alumnus of the IIBS – PGDM 2012 batch. My journey with the college was very fruitful with excellent academics and extra-curricular activities like ALP and all.

Sonali Panigrahi

Senior Accounts Executive, TESCO
Mike Hardson

I’m a 2012 batch student from IIBS. My stay at IIBS was quite satisfying with better studies and so many activities to make me a better manager and suitable for corporate

Pritha Biswas

Customer Relationship Manager, DSMax Properties Pvt., Ltd
Mike Hardson

I did my PGDM from IIBS in the years 2013-15 (UoM) with Marketing Specialisation

Avaneesh Kumar

Manager, IndiaMART, Lucknow.
Mike Hardson

I’m an alumnus of the S-09 batch of IIBS. I am happy with what I got in college

Mustafijur Rahaman

Dealer, Hero Moro Corp, Kolkata
Mike Hardson

I had no communication skills when I first started at IIBS. However, I was able to speak English fluently in three months.

Prashantoo Chatterjee

Branch Head at Byjus Institute
Mike Hardson

I am an alumnus of IIBS, Bengaluru and I am very happy about that.

Arush Gamber

Senior Unit manager - Rural L&D at Bajaj Finserv
Mike Hardson

I am fortunate to be alumni of IIBS where I learned about the business world in its own right

Amit Kumar Giri

Brain Gateway Ltd.
Mike Hardson

I am highly thankful to IIBS for the best studies and corporate exposure


Catalog Manager, Amazon
Mike Hardson

Had experience of 5 years in different verticals namely line marketing, trade marketing, retail operations, marketing and sales, B2B sales, ATL/BTL, launch campaigns, handling various Key Channels.

Swati Tyagi

Marketing Manager
Mike Hardson

I am an alumnus of IIBS and I am proud of it. Because I learned everything needed for the best business career in my college days only.

Dilip Govinda Reddy

Deputy Manager at Xanadu - Bangalore Channel Partner
Mike Hardson

I did my PGDM from IIBS and I am fortunate to choose the college for that

Mike Hardson

My heart goes for my college IIBS and academics that were managed at a very highly professional manner

Himangshu Tiwari

Senior Manager, Investment Products,Retail A&L at Axis Bank
Mike Hardson

As a Senior Manager at Paytm, this professional plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing various aspects of the company's operations related to payments and financial services.

Prem Kumar Reddy

Sr. Manager, Paytm
Mike Hardson

After completing my PGDM from IIBS, I have started my own business in Hyderabad

Abhishek Katakam

Own Buiness
Mike Hardson

I have learned a lot from IIBS during my PGDM.

Biltu Bala

Own Business
Mike Hardson

I am an alumnus of the IIBS PGDM 2010 batch. I was fearful of taking in English as I was from a Hindi background.

Kamalesh Kumar Singh

Director, ASDC, Agriculture Skills Development Council
Mike Hardson

IIBS gave me what I expected for my professional career and development as an entrepreneur.

Syed Taqi Hasan

Royal Sandbox Tourism, Dubai
Mike Hardson

The knowledge inputs that I gathered in IIBS have helped me all through my career

Tushar Padole

Cloud Head, Oracle
Mike Hardson

I learned the art of teaching form the faculty of IIBS it has helped me in shaping my career in higher education

Abhilash K

Relationship Director, LHH Singapore
Mike Hardson

IIBS changed my life by providing me with a world-class education and through the enhancement of my skills.

Sadik Hussain

Senior Sales Executive at Concorde General Trading LLC, Dubai
Mike Hardson

It was a wonderful experience to be part of IIBS

Afsath Ali

Mike Hardson

IIBS PGDM is a temple of real knowledge with the momentous task of mounding the mind.

Akhil Dahiya

Mike Hardson

Before joining IIBS, I didn’t know the Corporate world.

Sanjukta Ghosh

Team Lead, The Knowledge Academy
Mike Hardson

I am fully satisfied with choosing IIBS to pursue my PGDM as all the faculty take excellent care of students.

Shashi Kumar SD

Sr. Analyst, Accenture
Mike Hardson

The PGDM program has helped me to think more strategically develop more in-depth insights and provide data to upper management.

Hamza Basheer Shah

CareerNET, Consulting
Mike Hardson

Since completing PGDM from IIBS, I can truly say that it has reinvigorated my way of thinking in the business world

Rahul Dixit

Mike Hardson

Happy to say that I’m in this position due to the grooming by the competent faculty of IIBS

Suchika Ghosh

HR Manager, State Street Corp
Mike Hardson

IIBS faculty were very personable, engaged, and easy to contact.

Suresh Koujalagi

Sr. Manager, Career Labs
Mike Hardson

The format IIBS PGDM program was a great balance for me.

Anuj Tiwari

Sr. Manager, WIPRO
Mike Hardson

From Mangalore to Bangalore, it is a long journey for me to succeed.

Vinay Nayak

Data Scientist, CISCO
Mike Hardson

I'm very glad that I pursued my PGDM with IIBS

Yaswanth Tamilselvan

Head Human Resource, Ready Assist – 24/7
Mike Hardson

Teachers were guiding me very well and supporting me a lot to grow.

Dandu Vamsi Krishnam Raju

Senior Marketing Manager, JSW Steel
Mike Hardson

I started at IIBS Bangalore in the S09 class and graduated with an MBA in 2011.

Vikram Jit Gupta

Mike Hardson

I am what I am this day because of the curriculum, and the teaching methodology adopted by the professors of IIBS

Akmal Khan

Senior Manager HSBC, Dubai
Mike Hardson

IIBS was more than a college to me. It’s a privilege to be connected to this institution.

Shilpi Singh Bhaduria

Market Development Manager at Beauty Essentials Marketing Pvt. Ltd
Mike Hardson

I thank IIBS and the faculty for all the efforts put in by them

Mridu Tiwari

Sr. Manager. BitPad Ltd., Noida
Mike Hardson

I am really grateful to my teachers who have changed my whole aspect towards learning

Rimpa Kundu

Area Credit Head at Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited
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