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IIBS Surface-Encourage every Management Students to Showcase their Talent

IIBS encourage every management students to showcase their talent and IIBS Surface is one of THE EVENTS to do so. IIBS' SURFACE is an annual cultural fest that encourages students to showcase their unique & creative talent. Not only the students get to showcase their talent but learn to plan and execute the cultural events and various programs in given span of time. Students generally follow their academic curriculum IIBS Surface gives them fresh breath of air. Students get to express their innate talent in front of their peer group as well invitees from academic & corporate world. Surface is a smart way to let student learn their capabilities as team player and do wonders to their self confidence while they are having fun. The experience and confidence that they gain from these kind of events helps them to take a big leap into corporate world. IIBS Surface event was held at Bangalore. The students participation of more than 300 PGDM, undergraduate and PreUniversity students, to showcase their latent talent through various stage performances.

IIBS Surface

IIBS Surface 2023

Ethnic Fashion Show

Benefits of College Inter-Fests (Surface)

College inter-fests, short for inter-college festivals, are vibrant events that serve as platforms for showcasing talent, fostering healthy competition, and promoting collaboration among students. Beyond the fun and excitement, college inter-fests serve several important objectives are.

  1. Fostering Camaraderie and Community Spirit
  1. Promoting Cultural Exchange and Diversity
  1. Enhancing Academic and Professional Skills
  1. Encouraging Creativity and Innovation
  1. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem
  1. Promoting Sportsmanship and Healthy Competition
  1. Showcasing Talent and Achievement
  1. Fostering Lifelong Memories and Friendships
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