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ALP-Adventure Learning Programme

IIBS distinguishes itself as an institution for practical & well-rounded learning. The Adventure Learning Program helps develop our students in the following areas i.e. Trust, Support, Planning, Delegation, Leadership, Communication, Problem Solving, Time Management, Building Relationships, Creativity & Innovation. It might be a bit unorthodox to advocate the concept of Adventure Learning in Business School. The modern workplace requires an individual to portray self-determination, problem-solving ability, restraint, teamwork, and poise and an adventurous activity develops it in a person. This also helps PGDM aspirants to have a dynamic personality to face the global corporate world. Therefore, it becomes essential for a management student to be introduced to adventure programs that offer ample scope for developing distinctive management ethos, personality traits, and cross-cultural demands of the corporate world.

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Trekking Trailer in Western Ghats, Karnataka 2023

Adventure Learning Program

Benefits of Adventure Learning Program

Yourself in a unique educational experience that fosters teamwork, resilience, and leadership skills. From outdoor challenges to problem-solving activities, this program pushes boundaries,

  1. Communication
  1. Increased group effectiveness and awareness
  1. Individual awareness.
  1. Goal setting, planning and strategizing.
  1. Decision-making skills.
  1. Leadership
  1. Trust
  1. Respect for others
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