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Dr. G. N. Nagaraja

M. Sc. (Agri) Ph. D. (Agricultural Economics)

Hey! I'am Dr. G. N. Nagaraja


He did his Bachelor's and Master's degree from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru and completed his Ph. D (Agricultural Economics) specialized in Agribusiness Management from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. He has 37 years of experience in teaching, research, extension and administration. He served as Dean (Agri), College of Agriculture, UAS, GKVK Campus, Bengaluru. He served as Chairman (Major Advisor / Guide) for 45 PG students. Dr. Nagaraja has served as Principal Investigator for four externally funded Research Projects. He has published over 84 research papers in National and International Peer reviewed Journals. He is interested in integrated method of teaching by using Pen & Board, PPT, Case studies and where Problems will be analyzed using software.

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