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PGDM Along with Professional Certificate

We have offered plenty of value added courses where the students are getting trained well.

With the advent of new applications, technical terms, processes, and practices, the workplace has become more efficient and competitive. We are keen on nurturing our PGDM/MBA students and develop them into industry-ready professionals and proficient entrepreneurs. Hence to stay abreast with technological developments we provide our students the right platform to develop inter-disciplinary skills. PGDM/MBA at IIBS has selected different Value Added Certification Programs. These programs are conducted by industry experts and trainers, who conduct theory and practical sessions for the students to have a better understanding of the subject.


The objective is to equip the students with the practical nuances of the market apart from the academic knowledge. These certifications also provide an edge to the students while seeking placements in the industry.
Professional Certificate

Major Specialization

IIBS offers students a unique opportunity to build on business fundamentals by opting for Majors and Minors. In the first year, the courses offered will strengthen the foundation i.e., business fundamentals. In the second year, the student will have an option to choose one of the 5 Majors. The choice of Major, to a great extent, will depend on one’s career goals and areas of interest.
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