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What is communication? When was the last time we stopped to think about the needs and requirements to communicate? Perhaps, rarely, or never, or simply ignored to. That’s the pretense in which most of us choose to thrive in. Why should I communicate this or what will happen if I do communicate it? Second guessing ourselves, simmering in the panic mode without much room left to ponder on the real agenda in hand. Creating irrelevant complexities without communicating on time to the respective people or parties in a sect or organization. Surprisingly, things do not sort out on their own, until and unless a coherent path of communication is sought into.

Hence the need to learn the essence of “Communication “. It becomes an utmost priority for every human being invested in every setting to be able to communicate in the right manner and on time. Communication is derived from the Latin word “communis” meaning “to share,” that includes verbal, non-verbal and electronic means of human interactions and messages. Communication enables the path to inform and persuade the entities invested in the process to reach out to each other. Evidently, human beings belong to the highest species of animals in the animal kingdom for a very candid reason. We can “Communicate” with due thought and reasoning. Although, we are weaker than most predatory living animals, yet we do much better in a social context of human beings via cooperation, exchange of information and healthy dialogue. Then why is that we fail to communicate well with each other. In fact, words in written or spoken form hold immense value in sharing clear information. An angry parent is often heard yelling at their child for losing the first place in class, a top-management official is found writing a disgusting email to his/her team members for missing a deadline, a cab driver is found enveloped in unwelcome verbiage as someone overtakes him…etc. All are great examples of erroneous stances of communication due to poor choice of spoken words, actions and written scripts.

Communication is lost in translation. Perhaps a simple dialogue could fill in the missing pieces of what was expected to be a fruitful conversation, but has now transformed into an unresolved puzzle. The relationship between the key players inducted as sender and receiver, defines the fundamentals of a communication process. It is pertinent to understand that the communication process flows from the sender to the receiver through a defined procedure. Yet, sometimes “silence” jumps onto the wagon of communication as a key instigator that graciously guides one in dire times to stay focused and achieve the objectives. Utilizing Verbal, Non-Verbal, Visual, Written and Silence as forms of communication inherently becomes a part and parcel of our daily lives. Without a doubt, communication is a fundamental need of every human being and connecting with people in a cohesive manner to complete the cycle of sharing pertinent information on time, is crucial. With that said, let’s aim to incorporate a consistent flow of concrete communication at workplace and elsewhere.

“Communication leads to community, that is to understanding and mutual valuing.”
— Rollo May, American Psychologist

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