Corporate Training

The pedigree of a Management Institute is often gauged by its ability not only in transforming students but also orient business executives to the changing business paradigms. International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS, being the best in its class, has truly exemplified its resourcefulness for Corporate Training Program:

  • The convention centers at each of its campuses in Bangalore, Noida, and Kolkata are tailor-made for Corporate Training Program, and can house a large gathering.
  • International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS networking with business leaders, scholars, and consultants enables it to leverage its Corporate Training Program with high impact & thought provoking sessions.
  • International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS alumni in corporate world too supplement as knowledge resources for such catalytic Management Training Programs.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology is at par with global perspective to meet challenges of the competitive business environment. Students are imbibed with holistic personality skills to enhance their employ-ability. There are modules on business communication, industry analysis and cross cultural etiquette’s. At International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS, multiple teaching methods like case analysis, group projects, business simulation games, assignment, lectures and syndicates from the core of the learning process.

Management Orientation Month

Case Study Approach

At International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS, besides regular lectures and interactive sessions, case studies are used as a powerful tool in the learning process. This gives students the opportunity to study real life scenarios and equips them to handle situations that they have learnt in their regular curriculum.

Live Assignments

While the in-class learning strengthens conceptual knowledge, practical learning equips students with the aptitude to work effectively. Students are required to take up live projects from industry.

Group Project

Students are required to take up live projects from industry. They analyze business issues, learn to develop options and in the process they develop action plans, professional attitude, skills and discipline. This is facilitated through groups of students coming together for research, analysis of issues, presentations, corporate visits etc. This helps the students to handle group dynamics and inter personal relationship effectively.

Group Discussion

Group discussion is one of the best ways to solve the problem and find valuable solutions to business issue. It is imperative to provide an open forum for discussion where students feel comfortable sharing their ideas.

Events and Programs

The institute organizes several events that are managed by the students. This gives them experience in planning and managing events.


Ability to work as a part of large team is essential to the development of students. To imbibe this ability students are frequently divided into 15-20 member team or syndicates to work on research issues or analysis.

International Exposure

This will enable the students to understand different cultural and regional specialties and deliver the results in the transnational companies.