IIBS Ranked As Top Management Institutes In Bangalore

International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) is one among the top most MBA colleges in Bangalore. It employs unparalleled education methodologies raising the standards of management education on par with excellence. Over the years, with dedicated commitment and perseverance IIBS has established itself as one of the premium management institutes in Bangalore.

Srimati B.Devi Educational & Charitable Trust

In the year 2001, The Srimati B.Devi Educational & Charitable Trust was founded by a well-acclaimed educationist, Dr. Jay Prakash.The trust holds credit to have started one of the most prestigious B-School in India, the International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS)which is headquartered in Bangalore.

Why is IIBS headquartered in Bangalore ?

Dr. Jay Prakash decided to launch IIBS in Bangalore, inspite of the fact that it is a highly competitive city with a huge plethora of top B-schools in the country. Highly aspirational and committed to excellence, Dr, Jay Prakash strongly believes that IIBS will reach its zenith resulting from global work culture practised in Bangalore.

IIBS is strategically positioned in Bangalore which is also known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India. It is one of the very few cities that has fast-paced development in technology and management sectors in the country. The growing number of MNCs has leveraged the city’s potential resources and manpower to its fullest advantage which has witnesses a tremendous growth in infrastructural and educational domains in the recent past. This has greatly boosted the career opportunities in Bangalore which have enormously multiplied, promising a better future.

Bangalore which have enormously multiplied, promising a better future. At this juncture, to overcome the tough competition existing between business enterprises, educational institutes are holding the responsibility to produce competent and dynamic management professionals. We, at IIBS inculcate the global work culture and its principles in our courses in order to better equip our students with adaptive skills, adequately competent to tackle both, intellectual and practical challenges during their career.

Why choose IIBS ?

Experienced management professionals and modern state of the art infrastructure in International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) promotes a professional learning environment for the students. It envisions to become the “nucleus of global management education” and is supported by strong intellectual resources and industry experience. The student, at IIBS develop a multicultural aptitude to purse their career anywhere across the globe.

What defines the modus operandi of IIBS ?

Techniques – Our teaching methodologies are focused towards the overall development of each student at IIBS. Our curriculum is devised to be at par with international standards, while we also emphasize on practical experience in connection to classroom knowledge.

Faculty – Our faculty includes highly qualified management experts with several years of teaching experience.

Infrastructure – Our world-class facility facilitates a conducive learning atmosphere.The networked classrooms, digitized library, cutting-edge computer lab, modern auditorium, hygienic canteen, and spacious hostel accommodations are just few of the several features present in IIBS.

Extra-Curricular – Our students partake in national and state-level conferences and workshops apart from a number of other student activities at IIBS that aims to nurture competitive outlook among them.

Equality – IIBS gives equal opportunity to students from different socio-geographic locations, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender etc. We firmly advocate theideals of “Unity in Diversity” in our campus and strictly prohibit any kind of racial discrimination.

Opportunity – Our students at IIBS have the advantage of showcasing their talents on multiple platforms offers such as industrial visits, management fests, international transfers etc. to list a few.

IIBS has carved itself a niche among the most conventional management colleges in Bangalore, which is evident from its increasing number of intakes. Apart from its Bangalore campus, IIBS also has two more campuses in Noida and Kolkata with equally competitive infrastructure and highly successful in operations.

Affiliate University


Mysore | The University was foundedon July 27, 1916 by His Highness Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the then Maharaja of Mysore and his Dewan, Sir M.Visvesvaraya, the renowned engineer - statesman. Currently, it encompasses 122 affiliated colleges and 5 Constituent Colleges. In addition, the University has 8 specialised research & training centres, 37 post graduate departments and 2 post graduate centres which totally offer about 55 regular academic programmes along with a number of employment-oriented diploma courses and certificate programmes.

The post graduate departments in Mysore University are well-reputed for excellence in advanced studies and research, and have received projects and grants worth several crores of rupees from many national and international institutions worldwide. The University has established a good rapport with many prestigious institutions and universitiesglobally for technical, academic and cultural exchange.


Bharathiar | The Bharathiar University was established on February, 1982 at Coimbatore by the Government of Tamilnadu.And, the university gained recognition from University Grants Commission (UGC) New Delhi on May, 1985 for the purpose of grants.

The University is named after the great national poet Subramania Bharathi and is enshrined with the motto “Educate to Elevate”. It aims is to inculcate skills, knowledge, creative aptitude and values among the youth of the country thereby contributing more effectively towards establishing an equitable socio-economic and secular nation.


IIBS MBA is a 2 years full-time MBA, approved by UGC and Ministry of HRD. The courses are offered in affiliation with University of Mysore and Bharathiar University. In addition, IIBS Finishing School Value Add Programme that offers students with internship opportunity, free laptop and International tour at free of cost. Read More…


IIBS BCA is a 3 years full-time UG programme which is recognised by the Govt. of India. It is offered in affiliation with Bangalore University.The course offers students with techno-managerial abilities which positions them at a competitive edge with abundant career opportunities. Read More…


IIBS BBM is a 3 years full-time UG programme which is recognised by the Govt. of India. It is offered in affiliation with Bangalore University. IIBS students can also choose Dual specialization which promote pursuing BBM along with any one of seven fields of specialization offered. Read More…


IIBS B.Com is a 3 years full-time UG programme which is recognised by the Govt. of India.It is offered in affiliation with Bangalore University. The course aims to provide students with the framework of allied aspects of fundamentals of Statistics for interpreting business data. Read More…

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