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International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) – the pedestal for global management education

Bangalore is considered to be one of the most advanced and developed city in India. Owing to the growing number of Multi-National Companies, the city has seen a tremendous growth in infrastructural and educational facilities in the recent past.

Consequently the career opportunities have enormously multiplied compared to other cities. Adding further to the benefits, the cultural urbanization and foundation of business enterprises have undoubtedly made Bangalore a preferred destination for career oriented enthusiasts from across the country. The city is now a hub for most premier educational institutes in India.  

Srimati B.Devi Educational & Charitable Trust

Established in the year 2001 by acclaimed educationist Dr. Jay Prakash, the Srimati B.Devi Educational & Charitable Trust has one of the most prestigious B-School in India to its credit. Headquartered in Bangalore, the International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) is an upcoming name among the Top B Schools in Bangalore.

Despite the fact that Bangalore is highly competitive due to the plethora of alternate options, Dr. Jay Prakash decided to launch IIBS in the city. Driven by his desire for excellence, he believes that Bangalore with its global work culture would lead IIBS to its zenith.

The College

International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) is run by experienced management professionals. The campus features a modern state of the art infrastructure which facilitates a professional learning environment for the students. IIBS believes in the vision of being a “nucleus of global management education” which also forms the crux of our operations. Backed by strong intellectual resources and industry experience, IIBS is able to create a global management education structure within its facility. And by being a part of this framework, our students develop a multicultural attitude which later helps them in pursuing their career anywhere across the globe.

The superior aspects that define the modus operandi of IIBS are as follows:

  • Techniques – We follow a holistic approach of teaching and our methodologies are oriented towards the individual growth of students. The curriculum is at par with international standards, and we emphasize on the practical facet of executing the knowledge gained in classrooms.
  • Faculty – Our faculty is comprised of management experts with quality teaching experience.
  • Infrastructure – We have world-class facility contributing to the learning atmosphere. Networked classrooms, digital library, advanced computer lab, modern auditorium, tasteful canteen, and spacious hostel accommodation etc. are just some of the perks of being a part of IIBS.
  • Extra-Curricular – We indulge our students in conferences and workshops to inculcate leadership qualities in them. IIBS runs numerous student activities to nurture competitiveness in their perspectives.
  • Equality – The professionalism in IIBS is beyond any socio-geographic boundaries and hence we do not discriminate talents on the basis of caste, creed or religion etc. We firmly believe in the ideals of “Unity in Diversity”, and strictly do not support any kind of racial discrimination.
  • Opportunity – IIBS offers multiple opportunities of showcasing skills to its students. Management fests, Industrial visits, International transfers etc. are a few.

IIBS has risen above most conventional Management colleges in Bangalore, and it is evident from its increasing number of intakes. Apart from the Bangalore campus, IIBS successfully operates two more equally competent campuses in Noida and Kolkata respectively.